Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Introductions and other Formalities

My name is Mamta. I'm 40 years old. By day I am a Technical Writer, but once the sun goes down I transform into a craft mad creature.

I am married to a gorgeous six foot six Dane called Allan. He is a total geek and an excellent photographer. I'm so lucky that I get to go to Denmark often enough to get an idea of the Scandinavian design trends. I am of Indian heritage (that is South Asian to friends in the USA :) So my influences are an eclectic mix of two diametrically opposed styles. Wow! that was a long sentence!

I have a lovely 7 year old son Iain (the light of my life, the apple of my eye) or as my mother used to say "a piece of my liver". It doesn't translate well from Hindi :-). He has his own blog too but hasn't posted for ages. I guess he will go back to it when the mood takes him :)

This is my lovely step daughter Anna. She is both gorgeous looking and has a brain the size of a planet. I love her to bits. She has been living with us for about three and a half years but she is leaving the UK to go back to study in Denmark in the summer. I will feel like a piece of my heart has gone too :'-(

Any road, welcome to my blog - it has only taken me half a lifetime to pluck the courage to do this. I LOVE crafting. I have always loved crafts. My first memory of making a cushion is at the age of 9. 

However, I ended up in technology (there is only so much you can do with electronic engineering) and found that I was getting the crafting equivalent of writer's block. So I am going to try and recreate the unbridled bravery and creativity of my youth. Wish me luck.
I'll be posting progress on my everyday projects, any other fun stuff I come across and I hope to put some templates and tutorials up for you to share.

For now, have fun !

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