Sunday, 24 January 2010

Saturday Second Hand Finds

I was planning to go charity shop shopping on Saturday morning. To my delight I stepped out of the house and spotted a yard sale across the road from us. We are very lucky to live in a very Japanese neighbourhood and so these yard sales prove to very fruitful. Japanese cute stuff is hard to come by in London - it is expensive. Here are some of my finds.

A gorgeous vibrant orange baby Kimono. According to the lady I was talking to, when a baby is 100 days old there is a Hyakunichimairi ceremony. The family hold a celebration wishing the child good luck and a long healthy life. This a typical Kimono the baby would be dressed up in. 

I also bought a blue butterfly pattern child's Kimono that I will take to Iain's school and donate as dressing up stuff.

The other stuff I found were this cute bag, mini suitcase and bottle bag. Handy things I can store craft things in - very cute! I also love the things they write on their products. Look at this - who wouldn't want to live on Rue de chocolat :-)

I finally did get to the charity shop and found these:
I wonder whether this is genuine or just a joke mug. Either way it made me smile.

A very cute looking sugar bowl and jar.
I think I will use the jar for Iain's sprinkles :-)

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